Saturday, September 19, 2009

Golf, school, music, and rain

Monday I went with golfing with my dad and shot the best round of my life, a 94. So my dad bought me some new golf clubs. They are so nice and I love playing with them. I've been doing school, like everyone. Not all that interesting. And music. Violin lessons, piano lessons, choir, church orchestra, and hand bells. And of course I have to practice, so the music load is back for the school year. And then there's the rain. It's been really rainy. I guess most of you know that. :) I like rainy weather, but the only sad thing is that because of all this water we had to cancel the volleyball clinic we were going to have for our youth group today. Oh well. I was kind of thankful it got canceled though because it was really nice to sleep in. Tomorrow should be a long but really good day. Going to church, then lunch, then vespers at BJ that Chip is in, then orchestra and choir practice at church, then another church service, and then a youth group parent/teen meeting. Yeah, really busy. But I'm so happy that that it's the Lord's day tomorrow. I am truly glad to go the house of the Lord and be refreshed by the preaching and encourged by the fellow believers. God is so wonderful to give us the opportunity to go to church! I hope you all have a wonderful afternoona and a blessed start to your week at the Lord's house.


  1. I love going to church on the Lord's Day! It gives me a chance to be alone with God and to examine my heart. I love taking notes during the service! It helps me to understand the sermon better.

  2. yo! tori! you shot a 94?!?!?!?!?!
    that's pretty much amazing. i bet you scarfed down a whole bottle of aspirin before you did that. :)
    Chip did amazing at Vespers... I've heard about that Borden guy before, but I never knew he died that early. That's so sad.
    The initiation video was pretty funny... thankfully he didn't get any video of me up to bat in softball... that would've looked PRETTY pitiful. lol.
    missed you last night at church!