Friday, August 21, 2009

Blue water, blue sky

Got back from my grandparent's house Wednesday at around six. Been swimming with the bros and playing football and I cleaned up my room this morning. Dad and Paiton are coming home tonight from Madagascar, so we are getting the house in order. This afternoon I was lying on my towel outside getting dried off after swimming. I just looked into the deep blue sky. Would you have thought of making the sky blue? And if you did, would you have thought of that creamy, fresh blue? Or what about the grass, would you have made it green? I am constantly amazed at the beauty of creation. The simple, pure beauty. What a wonderful reflection of God, the pure and beautiful Creator.



  1. I LOVE looking at creation! Just sitting there and looking up at the pure white cotteny clouds ect. It's just amazing! How powerful our creator is!!!

  2. Taaaadaaa! Here I am. The scum on the twig.
    Hope Uncle Jim and Paiton have had a good trip! I've been praying.